Welcome to Minimen

“Mini Men is a Boys Custom Made Clothing Label which strives to make them look like dapper young men.”

From making casual shirts to dressy waistcoats, from outfitting 3 month babies to 13 years olds, to making them twin with their dads and moms, we do it all. We are mainly known for our quirky prints and our bow ties, which comes with all our outfits.

Mini Men was founded by Sanjana Gershome - a Nift Chennai graduate, who always had a fascination to work in the Menswear sector. Her final design collection in college was all about Experimentative Menswear, which dabbled on a lot of Androgynous Silhouettes for men and had the likes of Transparent Back Shirts and Pegged Trousers in the collection.

When Sanjana had a baby boy, she was shocked at the clothes that were available for boys. It was then that she started to study the boys clothing market and found a huge gap in what people wanted and what was being offered. In fact, a lot of fellow moms would often comment on how they wanted a girl baby and not a boy baby, because it was more fun to dress up girls. This prompted Sanjana to make the same kind of Experimentative clothes for men, but in smaller tinier versions of it, and being a mom she understood all about what fabrics, Trims and silhouettes would best suit babies and children. Equipped with all this knowledge, she started Mini Men.

We use mainly Cotton, we also use linen and silk in our festive collections.