Bow Tie Shirts

Bow Tie Shirt - Pink Dino
Rs. 900.00
Bow Tie Shirt - Orange Foot Ball
Rs. 750.00 Rs. 975.00
Bow Tie Shirt - Smiley
Rs. 975.00
Bow Tie Shirt - Vacation
Rs. 975.00 Rs. 1,399.00


A precious pearl, a timeless treasure and the apple of your eye- that is what your son means to you. And you want the world to know it.

One way of making the world know how much your son means to you is to give him that extra-special touch in everything. Take his clothes for instance. Don't you want your little one to be the star of every show and the limelight of every occasion? Then, the first thing you must do is get him an elegant and elite bow-tie shirt from Minimen.

When your precious pet wears the bow-tie shirt, he is going to stand out from the crowd and look distinct, dignified and dynamic

What is a bow-tie shirt?

A bow-tie shirt is a specially-tailored shirt fitted with a bow-tie that closes the lapels of the shirt.

The bow-tie adds a touch of style and sophistication that makes your son look supremely confident, classy and cultured.

Who can wear bow-tie shirt combinations?

From tiny-tots to triumphant businessmen, anyone can wear a shirt with bow-tie. In fact, a bow-tie shirt baby looks so cute and cuddly that you will instantly want to hug it.
At Minimen, we have fashioned bow-tie shirt combos for bubbly babies, energetic infants, and trendy teenagers with equal exuberance and elan.

Why should kids wear a bow tie with shirt?

  1. Bow-tie shirts make babies look infinitely cuter than ever.
  2. When your budding young fellow wears a bow-tie with a shirt, he is going to look smart, stylish and splendidly groomed.
  3. Make your kid wear a bow-tie collar shirt and you will be amazed at the confident and professional look he exudes.
  4. Bow-tie shirt combos are the best for festive occasions as they heighten the celebratory mood with their special look.
  5. Father and son bow-ties or Family bow-tie combos are the best for photo-shoots as their matching look reflects the oneness and togetherness of the family.

What does a bow-tie shirt symbolize?

A bow-tie shirt is not a mere shirt with an extra accessory. It can signify the following things about your child.

  • A bow-tie shirt is a reflection of your child's personality
  • It is a symbol of culture and fine grooming
  • A bow-tie shirt collar reveals your creativity, care and meticulous effort in dressing your child
  • It is a mark of efficiency and perfection
  • It is a symbol of style and class

Why buy bow-tie shirts only from Minimen?

Not every outfitter can design a bow-tie shirt perfectly. Only the most skillful craftsmen like Minimen who have an eye for detail and a yen for style can fabricate a classic shirt and bow tie combo.
At Minimen, we have perfected the art of "bow-tie dressing".
We have mastered the art of tailoring bow-tie suits for all children from the age of 3 - 13. Our bow-tie shirt combinations are unique, fashionable and truly trendy. Our designs are distinctive and one of a kind. Our quality is supreme and our commitment is complete in catering to our clients.

So, usher in excellence into your child by dressing him up in a bow-tie shirt from Minimen.

Watch the world bow to your child as he walks wearing a bow-tie shirt from Minimen!