Alternative Bottoms for Boys to Try This Winter

We all agree that 'Denim is a love that never fades,' especially for kids. But that does not imply that they should not try other alternatives to Denim Jeans for boys.

From the age of 3-years, your boy starts to understand his personality, and clothes play an active role in it. We understand that you want to purchase versatile clothes for them, that you can pair up with everything like jeans, but you should also introduce them to alternative bottoms. Jeans are amazing & there is no doubt about that, but it is okay to replace them with something more cool & stylish. 

Winter is upon us now, and it is the best time to try these alternative bottoms for boys. 

1- Chinos Trousers:

Chinos, also known as 'Pantaloons Chinos by Spanish, have lighter fabric & finer finish compared to the Khakis, which will make your kids comfortable. Chinos are relaxed, easy to style, and look great with anything.

Chinos Trousers

How to style them

These boys' trousers are best for events where your boy can pair them with shirts. And they are also a great choice for casual outings where they can pair them with a trendy graphic t-shirt or polo shirt.


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